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My Personal Research (Individuals)

In the tradition of Prisoner's Dilemma research, I ran a series of five scenarios, in which various ethical decision strategies encountered each other.  I measured the results, and now present them to you on this web site.  Before proceeding, you may wish to acquaint yourself with the mechanics of each encounter, the decision strategies I used, and how I measured their ethics.

The Five Encounter Scenarios

144 strategies were equally represented in each scenario.  These ethical strategies were:

The 9 Basic Strategies by

4 levels of Good Will (Good, Bad, Zero, & Random) by

4 levels of Reciprocity (Responsive, Contrary, Zero, & Random)

These five scenarios differed in the quality of the average encounter, which was determined by the Payoff Correlation.  The Payoff Correlation controlled whether Agent payoffs were concordant, neutral, or discordant.

I ran my simulations with personally written programs (GNU C++) on my RedHat Linux machine.  I analyzed the results with commercial statistical software on my Windows 98 machine.